Soup & Hotpot

  • Kimchi Soup 9.95

    Spicy Kimchi stew with pork, tofu and vegetables

  • Korean Miso Soup 9.95

    Korean miso with tofu, vegetables, and seafood

  • Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup 9.95

    Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood and vegetables

  • Spicy Beef Soup 11.95

    Spicy beef soup with green onion, mushrooms and sweet potato noodle

  • Beef Short Ribs Soup 13.95

    Beef short ribs soup with sweet potato noodle

  • Beef Short Rib & Cabbage Soup 13.95

    Beef short ribs and cabbage in bean paste soup

  • Ox Tail Soup 14.95

    Traditional Korean style ox tail soup

  • Dumpling & Rice Cake Soup 10.95

    Dumpling,rice cakes, sliced beef, green onion

  • Spicy Cod Soup 15.95

    Spicy Cod Soup with Assorted Seafood, Soft Tofu and Vegetable (Non-Spicy or Spicy)

  • Bulgogi Hot Pot
    Medium (2ppl) 31.95 Large (3-4ppl) 45.95

    Marinated sliced beef with mushroom and sweet potato noodle

  • Pork Bone Hot Pot
    Medium (2ppl) 31.95 Large (3-4ppl) 45.95

    Pork bone soup with potato and vegetables

  • Traditional Ham & Sausage Soup
    Medium (2ppl) 31.95 Large (3-4ppl) 45.95

    Korean traditional ham and sausages soup with rice cake, ramen and vegetables

  • Seafood Hot Pot
    Medium (2ppl) 39.95 Large (3-4ppl) 54.95

    Assorted seafood casserole with vegetables in hot pot

  • Beef Intestine Hot Pot
    Medium (2ppl) 35.95 Large (3-4ppl) 49.95

    Beef intestine casserole with udon and vegetables in hot pot