• Edamame 3.95

    Green Soybeans with natural sea salt

  • Croquette 4.95

    Fried Mashed Potatoes

  • Deep Fried Dumplings 6pcs 6.95

    Fried dumpling with pork and vegetables

  • Boiled Dumpling 12 pcs 6.95

    Stuffed handmade dumpling boiled in water

  • Calamari 5.95

    Deep fried squid legs with mayo sauce

  • Chicken Wing 9.95

    Fried chicken wing with house chili sauce

  • Sweet Chili Prawn 9.95

    Fried prawn with Sweet Chili sauce

  • Grilled Mackerel 9.95

    Seasoned mackerel with lemon

  • Royal Rice Cakes 12.95

    Stir-fried rice cakes iwth beef and vegetables in mild soy sauce

  • Smoked Salmon Salad 11.95

    Smoked sake salmon and mixed organic greens with homemade dressing

  • Seaweed & Seafood Salad 12.95

    Assorted Seafood (baby scallop, shrimp, and squid) and mixed organic greens and seaweed with homemade dressing